Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Me?

Have you ever asked yourself "why me"?  Before I understood God and how he works, I always wondered why certain things happened to me at an early age. I didn't understand why I experienced so much internal turmoil, hurt, and brokenness.  I had a good family and friends.  I knew people cared about me but behind the scenes I was enduring a internal struggle that almost became too much.  I am here today because even though I felt weak, God knew I could get through it. All of those things did not have to happen but since they did, I've learned how to take my past and all the things I went through to hopefully help someone else.

I wasn't the popular girl, the prettiest girl or even the most talented one. I wasn't the one the boys were chasing after. I had REALLY low self-esteem even to a point that I felt someone that looked like me shouldn't be able to live (look at the lies the adversary was feeding me at 11!!) At times I even accepted less than I what I knew I was worth in relationships. But with all this, God chose me.  It's interesting because man will often times look over and throw away something that God will shine up and put on display. It did a lot of shining up because never in a million years would I have imagined having a book in Barnes & Noble! Me! It has to be God.  He sees something that others don't.

Let's turn the mirror to you. Look at yourself and all your flaws. Look at all you went through or are currently going through, look at your family and background. Look at the hidden secrets of your heart that you wouldn't dare tell a soul. Guess what.....He still chooses you. You want to know another secret....shhhhhh.....He's has MAJOR plans for you. Plans that bring peace and have an expected end a destination ....a destiny. That's right...something big is in store for you.

Get on your face in prayer, and ask YOUR father..."What do you have for me and how can I be of service to you?"  Let Him reveal to you how HE sees you. I pray its the start of a deeper and closer more intimate relationship with him.

Love you and God Bless!

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