Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Alabaster Box


As a teenager I was a complete emotional train wreck.  I hid it all from my family and friends because I felt it was too much for them.  I did not know how to manage my emotions and as I grew into a young woman I experienced absolute internal hell.  My self-image was completely unhealthy and I was vulnerable to the traps the world set.  Falling prey to depression, attempted suicide, emotional turmoil and a severely broken heart….I look back and wonder how I made it. 

I shouldn’t be here today. If the adversary had his way I would be lost, confused, hurt and isolated from the world around me. I would be bitter, angry and broken unable to grasp the fulfilled life God had for me. Honestly, I probably would have ended it unable to take the pain of life any further.  Praise God, He had another plan. One day I entered the presence of God and just as the woman with the Alabaster box came in to worship at the feet of Jesus anointing her feet (learn about the meaning of the alabaster box here: ),  he made her whole and I am here breathing and truly living because I too was made whole.  She had many sins, I had many sins….but he said to her “You are saved because of your faith”. 

I’ll never forget the day God healed me. It was actually a series of days because the plans the enemy had for me where many and I was on my way to destruction…BUT GOD.  In spite of my sins, His love covered me and He forgave me time and time again.  No matter what people said about me or how they talked about me, God delivered me and gave me a NEW destiny. One that was filled with promises, freedom and an abundant life. 

I want to encourage the person reading this to enter the presence of God and with your faith in Him allow Him to make you whole again. No matter what you have done or who you have done it with, nothing is too hard for God to change. His love extends to the lowest lows.  All the people around Jesus criticized him for allowing her to anoint his feet, but what she did was far greater than anything they did. She was desperate for Him.  She taught us a lesson; never allow your sins to keep you from God. God is able to change you and make you whole again. 

There is no man, woman, relationship, murder, sexual sin, lust, lie or thief that God won’t forgive. We all need to take a moment and fall on our face in repentance of our sins. Let Him make you whole again. Even if it’s a daily ritual until you finally break free….anoint the feet of Jesus with you tears.

Love you all….

Destiny Awaits.


  1. Hi Bridgette, we share similar testimonies, it is amazing what God brings us through. Great to connect with you.
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  2. Just for laughs, I love avocados too! lol!

  3. Thank you for your comments!! I'm honored to have you read. Heading over to your blog now!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hello there stranger, But after reading your Blog I feel as though I know you, because you sound so much like me! My name is Kim I'm 41 I've been through some really bad times in my life as well. I've been coming closer to GOD in many different ways! My Faith in Him and what he does is getting stronger everyday! I just wanted to take the time to write to you and say THank you for posting this story, This to me was my sign that I needed to give myself 100% to the LORD! GOD Bless you!